My belated one-year Steemaversary, and my first steps on Steemit

November 14, 2018 0 By NatalieM
My belated one-year Steemaversary, and my first steps on Steemit

I was looking forward to celebrating my Steemaversary this November… until I checked the date of my first post, and found that it was actually October 30th, 2017! Looks like I missed the boat.

I signed up to Steemit in August 2016, but I didn’t post anything. I couldn’t get my brain round how it worked. I didn’t understand where the money would come from to pay for the posts.

I thought I would get round to posting something eventually… but instead I just forgot about it.

Just over a year later, YouTube had just demonetized my tiny channel (which had only earned about two cents anyway, but it was just starting to attract subscribers) – and I heard about Dtube.

I immediately headed back over to Steemit.

Unfortunately I was unable to get Dtube to work, but the platform looked a lot livelier. I noticed that some posts were earning hundreds of dollars, and they weren’t even that good! I was sure I could do better… 😂

My first Steemit post, Autumn in Killecrankie, got three upvotes and earned exactly $0. But I wasn’t about to give up!

My first Cheetah

My next post got six upvotes and $0, and the one after that got 2 upvotes and $0. It also earned me my first (and I think last) Cheetah! This was due to a quote that I included from another website – I did credit the website, but at that time I didn’t know how to do proper Markdown quotes.

In fact, I also deleted that whole post, as I’d made a mistake on it, but at that time edits were only possible within the first half hour, and deleting and re-posting it was the only way to edit out my mistake. I still can’t remember what the mistake was!

My third post was my “introduceyourself” post. It received 10 upvotes and earned me $0.59, but the best thing was, I got several inspiring comments on that post. They must have encouraged me to keep at it, and my next post was my “breakthrough” one, where I received 26 upvotes, earning me $7.22.

This was my first Challenge entry, for the Daily Celestial Challenge. I posted about my love of frogs. It was a fun theme, one I really enjoyed writing about, and I had a lot of photos of frogs, mostly from my various hillwalks, to use!

My first Curie!

My next post earned me only six upvotes, and the grand total of $0. Undeterred, I posted again – and this one earned me my first Curie!


I had no idea that I’d earned a Curie. I didn’t even know what Curie was. All I knew was that this post had received 61 upvotes and had earned me more than $50 – and lots of positive comments. I felt that I was really engaging with Steemit at last.

Over the next few weeks I got another two Curies, yet I was still blissfully unaware of what Curie was! I just thought Steemit was quite random, as many of my posts were still passing by mostly unnoticed. I was really busy at the time and didn’t get round to really looking into how Steemit worked until I’d been actively using the platform for several months.

Cashing out

Unfortunately this naïvety led me to cash out most of my Steemit earnings, simply because I didn’t understand the value of Steem Power. I hadn’t bothered to read the White Paper or educate myself about the platform. At least I got a good deal for my SBD, as the value was almost ten times what it is now. It was a nice Christmas present.


I also didn’t understand how to find good posts to curate, and in the early days I wasted a lot of time opening “shitposts” that were just one photo with a weak sentence, or a couple of paragraphs copied from Wikipedia. Signing up to Steemfollower helped my posts build up some followers, but I still had to work my way through a lot of “shitposts” in order to find the good ones.

Then someone recommended @thesteemengine. I applied and was accepted. Since then I have never had a problem finding good posts – in fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw a “shitpost”. I haven’t been the most active person on Discord, but my occasional visits there, together with my engagement on the Steemit platform have helped me find out more and more about this great Steemit system.

And there is always so much more to learn!


I think it was the positivity that kept me going on Steemit. It seemed to be friendly, and relatively free of the sniping and negative troll activity that blights other social media platforms. This is mainly due to the financial incentive, but I think it generally brings out the best in people.

Of course I realise that there is negativity and sniping on Steemit – I’ve witnessed it happening on other accounts, and I’m aware that it could happen on mine too. But I think it happens less often on Steemit. In general, Steemians are courteous and supportive of each other – especially the die-hards who are still on this platform after so many have left!

A year of ups and downs

Writing this retrospective post makes me think about what I’ve done over the past year. It seems to have flown by so quickly! My main achievements this year:

• Winter hillwalking for the first time. I did a one-day winter skills course in January 2017, bought crampons and an ice axe in November of that year, and then did as many winter walks as I could! It was fantastic, and I found that I absolutely loved winter hillwalking.

Me charging down Beinn Heasgarnaich last April.

• Painting the small flat that I rent out and putting in a new floor in the bathroom, so that a new tenant could move in after the previous one moved out.

• Hosting a fantastic mountain walking weekend for about 18 people in Torridon in the north of Scotland. I still haven’t got round to posting about that! I think there was just too much to take in.

• Getting a loan from my credit union, to allow me to do essential work on my home flat, and to do a Mountain Leader training course.

• Starting a new blog, featuring most of my Steemit posts, and posting them to Steemit using Steempress.

• Opening a account. Even after purchasing a new tablet computer, I found I was unable to post to Dtube. I used DLive instead, until it left the Steemit platform. After that I decided to join I just love the numerous blockchain-based developments that are taking place outside Steemit, as well as the number of dapps that are being developed on the Steem blockchain. We live in exciting times!

• Completing my Mountain Leader course.

It’s been a great year for the mountains, but there have also been several challenges. I went to a lot of funerals in winter. Some of my closest family friends and relatives died, one very unexpectedly. A good friend died after being lost in a storm. A close relative has been going through a very difficult patch, which I don’t want to write about, as I respect their privacy. This has caused a lot of difficulties and worry for other family members.

There have also been some great joys, including several weddings. Two of them were “surprise” weddings.

A new chapter

Being active on Steemit has opened a new chapter in my life. I’ve met new friends through Steemit, I’ve learned loads, and it’s given me new optimism that the internet is not just being divided up between a few corporate giants.

Main photo source here.