My pick for the fosteraminnow challenge

January 21, 2019 0 By NatalieM
My pick for the fosteraminnow challenge

Ever since @bozz launched the #fosteraminnow challenge, it was in the back of my mind to find a minnow to foster. But Christmas came along, then I got ill for a few days, and then it was New Year… I did find some interesting minnows, but either they weren’t minnowy enough to qualify or they swam away and didn’t post any more.

The rules

• Pick a user who has less than 60 or so Reputation and less than 300 or so SP.
• Foster them for two weeks by giving them upvotes and comments on most of their posts.
• Any two of their posts per week you need to give a 100% upvote on.
• Write a post using the #fosteraminnow tag telling who you are fostering and why.

I think initiatives like this are more important than ever, as the crypto bear market and the low value of Steem has decimated the number of active accounts on Steemit.

Breaking away from Bitcoin

It was so heartening this morning to see that while all the cryptocurrencies were falling, taking Bitcoin’s lead as usual, Steem was continuing its recent upwards trend, breaking through the $0.40 barrier. Whether this trend will continue is anyone’s guess, but if Steem does regain its former value, those who have stayed with it through the tough times will be in the best position to benefit.

And those people who have joined Steemit during the tough times are probably not in it to make a quick buck. The community needs to make them feel welcome, that it’s worth their while being active on this platform. It’s not just about financial rewards – it’s about community engagement, people actually responding to the work you put out, something you don’t always get online.


Actually, the minnow I have chosen to foster is getting quite a bit of engagement, because his posts are – in my opinion – brilliant! @longer is an amateur artist, originally from Poland, who would like drawing  to be his full-time career. Here’s an example of his work:

Source This drawing depicts the artist being woken up by his gleeful children. I love the energetically animated figure of the lad who is pushing the “Dad” lever down. “Mom” has yet to be disturbed.

I only discovered @longer’s account a couple of weeks ago, but he’s been on Steemit since March 2018. I can’t completely adhere to the fosteraminnow rules, because @longer’s posts are quite sporadic, and he often apologises for this.

However I don’t think there should be pressure for Steemians to post frequently. Some people like to post every day, which is great; others post just once a week or less. When your posts are as high quality as @longer’s are, they are certainly worth waiting for.

I think this is yet another argument for a longer payment window. I would love to upvote some of @longer’s earlier posts that I missed! These are a couple of my favourites:

Dark humour

I like the humour in @longer’s work, and the animation – the characters are caught in a moment of action. Many of @longer’s drawings also have a sinister element, with a very dark humour. This is one that I did manage to upvote during the payment window:

I’d describe it as deliciously malevolent.

I also like the detail in @longer’s work. In this picture, even the soup has a face.

I sincerely hope that @longer achieves his aim of earning a living from doing what he loves best. And I think it would be fantastic if the blockchain can help him do that.


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