Hi! I’m Natalie, aka. @natubat on Steemit.com. I’m a frequent poster to Steemit, and I started this blog as a way to make my Steemit posts available outside the platform.

I’m a hillwalking/mountaineering/climbing fanatic, although I’ve only been doing these pursuits regularly for about two and a half years. I started doing indoor climbing in July 2016, and thee months later, I did my first indoor bouldering session. I’ve been doing climbing and indoor bouldering (that’s what I’m doing in the photo at the top of this page), as well as hillwalking, on a weekly basis since then.

My first 10K run, in 2006.

I’ve always enjoyed hillwalking, but before 2016 it was an occasional, rather than a regular pursuit. It was actually a health crisis that pushed me in this direction. I used to run regularly, and participated in a few 10K runs – and one half marathon, back in 2007. In 2010 I started to run my own business, a juice and smoothie café. I had to work long hours, and I fell out of the habit of running.

I closed the business in April 2015, and found that my health and fitness were just not what they used to be. I’d put on a lot of weight very rapidly, despite having a relatively healthy diet and being very health-conscious. I was simply unable to get back to running, because if I ran for more than 20 minutes I would just about collapse in exhaustion.

Instead, I started walking for hours at a time, and eventually joined a walking group on Meetup.com. After about six months, I started doing hillwalks – very small hills at first.

Underactive thyroid

In 2016, I started to realise that I had a thyroid condition. My pulse rate was very low – about 50 beats per minute most of the time, and that was not because I was very fit! I was also sleeping nine or 10 hours a night, and this had been the case for about a year, despite having tried to take lots of rest.

My core body temperature was ridiculously low much of the time, and was always fluctuating, and I simply could not lose weight, no matter what diet, healthy eating and/or exercise routine I tried.

After doing a lot of research, I decided to try a rather controversial treatment, self-administered, of taking high doses of iodine. I have documented this procedure in my blog www.freethinkinghealth.com and in a series of video diaries on YouTube at my Freethinking Health channel.

Renewed health and vitality

Thankfully the treatment worked. I was able to lose all the weight I’d gained by doing the 5:2 diet (intermittent fasting) between April and November 2017. And during that time, my fitness simply rocketed. Having felt so miserable when my thyroid was malfunctioning, I did not want to take my health for granted ever again, and that’s probably why I do such a lot of physical activity these days.

It simply makes me feel great.

I’ve also met so many friends through the Meetup groups, who are equally passionate about the mountains and climbing. We’ve had some great times over the past few years.

What I’ll be posting

Follow this blog if you want to read about my adventures in the mountains and my climbing progress (which is mostly indoors at this time). I will also post about some of my other interests, thoughts and philosophies.

One reason for arranging my Steemit posts in a website is that it allows me to easily categorize my posts, so that hopefully readers will be able to easily see and find posts on topics that particularly interest them, and they can ignore the others.

I am able to send my WordPress posts automatically to Steemit thanks to the Steempress plugin.

Steem on!

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